Fabric Information

1 ¡¢Down-proof Fabrics

Generally adopting high filament and super fine yarn, the high density fabrics are very soft and excellent in down-proofing after being treated with water-repellent, cire, down-proof coating and other finishing. The air permeability could reach value 0.1,even 0, solving the down penetration problem, which puzzling many fabric suppliers.
Generally adopting 30D,40D full dull Nylon-6,Nylon-66,and 50D full dull poly pongee. Tabby, twill, satin, rip-stop, dobby, blend are all available in weaving styles.
2 ¡¢Fire Retardant Fabrics

Ordinary fabrics are usually inflammable, and will spread very soon if burnt, may cause serious harms to bodies and properties. Fire-retardant fabrics have a good function in stopping fire continuing and spreading. They could slow down the spreading speed if burnt, will be carbonized once out range of fire and stop burning. In addition, the fabrics have many good characteristics, such as not melting, ever-lasting, tox free, smokeless and so on.
Our coopertive factor y ¡® s fire-retardant fabrics have been tested by TUV, SGS and ITS institutes, and the test reports show that our fabrics pass all the requirements under EN531:1997 and CPAI-84.
            1.Decorative Fabrics (Domestic Textile, Hotels ,Theaters, etc.)
            2.Uniforms for fireman, metallurgy, machinery, military and so on.
3 ¡¢Breathable Fabrics

Breathable Fabrics, namely water-proof and moisture permeable fabrics, combine all the functions moisture permeability, water-proof, wind shield, rain shield, and snow shield, keeping body warm and comfortable. Our coopertive factor y ¡® s breathable fabrics were tested by SGS, ITS and other institutes. The test reports showed that the MVP may reach 8,000g /m2/24h,and the Water Proof 15,000mm .Our fabrics have become the 1st choice of many garment brands.
At present, we provide fabrics with 3 kinds of different processings:
            1.Hydraulic PU Coating
            2.Micro Cell PU Coating
            3.Membrane Lamination (TPU, PTFE, PU, etc.)
Usages: Raincoat, Sailing Uniforms, Fishing, Riding, Racing, Motorcycle, Skiwear, Military & Police Uniforms.
4 ¡¢TEFLON Fabrics

TEFLON fabrics, ordinary fabrics treated with TEFLON Fabric Protector from DuPont, are well noted for excellent performances: Water rolls off, soils and stains just wipe away from the fabrics, keeping clean and tidy. General Teflon and High Teflon are available as per washing durability in Teflon performances. High Teflon could be class 4 after 20 washings, even up to class 5 before 1st washing, just like water on the lotus leaf.
Usages: Almost all the fabrics can be treated with Teflon, enhancing the "3 proof" function, making for raincoat, tent, sportswear, skiwear, etc.
5 ¡¢High Water-proof Fabrics

Ordinary fabrics are water-proof but at a low level, and will be invalid and not protective when facing high pressure static or ejecting water. High Water-proof Fabrics can efficiently resist kinds of bad weather and conditions, such as strong winds, storms, deep water work, fire fighting, surfing, skiing and racing. Our coopertive factor y ¡® s High Water-proof Fabric can be over 20,000mm H2O, tested by SGS, ITS, etc.
In addition, other functions can be  combined with high water-proof performance for more applications: fluorescent, breathable, infrared, etc.
Usages: Raincoat, Fireman Uniform,   Sportswear, Military & Police Uniform, Tent, etc.
6 ¡¢UV-Cut Fabrics

Safeguarding bodies against UV irradiation has been valued by more and more consumers. UV irradiation may cause color fading, fragile and strength dropping, also skin reddish and other diseases, even cancer. Adopting the latest tech, Our coopertive factor y upgrades the color fastness, strength, and enhance the UV shielding performance. The fabrics are safe, tox free, non sensitive to skin. The UV pass through rate is less than 3% before washing, and UPF up to 85% after 50 washings, especially suitable for outdoor uniform, highland garment, sun umbrella, etc.
7 ¡¢Fluorescent Fabrics(EN471)

Fluorescent fabrics, i.e. High Visibility Fabrics, as background materials and combined with retroreflective materials, have strong conspicuity performance. With fluorescent fabrics used, targets in far or dark still can reflect strongly and cause warning to avoid incidents happening. After many washings, the fabrics still keep the performances.
Our coopertive factor y ¡® s HV fabrics have been tested by TUV Prouduct Service, and awarded with the Product Certificate, meeting all the requirements under EN471:2003 Clause 5 and EN340:1993.
Usages: Traffic Policemen, Firemen, Road Workers, Life Vest, etc.


 Fluo Colors

After- Finishing

300D*300D Polyester Oxford

 Fluo Yellow

 Fluo Orange 

 Fluo Red

 PU Milky







250D*150D Polyester Oxford

150D*150D Polyester Oxford

Twill Poly Oxford



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